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Laudanum is a player created society on Planet Calypso, within the Entropia Universe.  It’s primary purpose is to create a welcoming environment for new players to learn the game.  We don’t pressure you with any sales gimmicks, nor offer our members any lucrative deals through cash generation ponzi scheme websites.   We offer only the game Entropia Universe in its purest form, with people who know how to play it, and have years of experience doing so.

We focus on

  • Helping new players get started on Planet Calypso using proven strategies and a team based approach.
  • Assisting players with developing a budget that works for them in-game.
  • Providing essential information every player needs to know while playing Entropia Universe.
  • Developing initial contacts with other participants.
  • Dispelling the myths, legends, and superstitions other participants have built up regarding Entropia Universe.
  • Building confidence.

These people are nice, knowledgeable, and professional. – Atun Apache Ocean-Ka

One of the best societies.  Glad I joined them. - Ruby Ruri Malise

I never met a nicer, more genuine group of people than the people I met in the Laudanum society. – Chuck Caly Rocknroll

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